Grygov (short English profile)

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You can see our Grygov from an aerial view. The population of Grygov is about 1400 people. Grygov is located about 7 km south of Olomouc. Olomouc, city of the regional government, can be seen on the picture above, and because of its size it can’t be overlooked. The population is about 100 000 people. The strait line on the left of the picture represents the railroad that runs from Olomouc to Přerov.  It was reconstructed recently and the famous “Pendolino” runs across it. Grygov from Olomouc are separated by a highway that goes from Brno to Ostrava. Despite that Grygov belongs to the agricultural region of Haná, more than two thirds of the working population commute to cities, mostly Olomouc and Přerov. The road from Olomouc to Přerov could be seen on the right of the picture.  The road from Blatec to Velký Týnec crosses the town from left to right. People commonly live in family houses, as is typical for all towns, but we are also “proud of” several apartment houses. River Morava is winding in the distance on the left. In between the town and the river lies the “Království” (Kingdom) temperate broad-leaf forest, which covers 600 ha, home to pheasants and other wild life. Here we go for walks and trips, and it is also a paradise for hunters. Because of the flat terrains, the restricted entrance of motor vehicles, and maintained bicycle trails, it has recently been an attraction for biking trips. Usually, the bikers don’t forget to visit the famous tree, „King Oak“, who’s age is estimated to 500 years. Grygov is the member of the Mikroregion Království, a group of towns that surrounds the forest “Království” (Kingdom). Grygov is also the member of Mikroregion Olomouc.